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AllLotto.com is providing these Lucky Numbers as a service to our visitors. We calculate these numbers using one of our web servers and software that we wrote. Whether these numbers are lucky or not, only time can tell. As with anything having to do with luck, your own karma may affect the outcome of your lottery wagers.

These numbers are drawn in advance of the week they are displayed, by our web server. We believe that the success of the AllLotto.com site, has been improved by the luck we've had keeping this server up and running. Without our lotto server, AllLotto.com would not exist. You may or may not agree with our methodology or with the luckiness of our picks, but one thing is for sure, the cost (Free!) just can't be beat.

As with any offerings on our site, your use of these lucky numbers is not warranted in any way. Arbor Media, Inc. makes no promises that these numbers are lucky or even valid for use in any lottery game. We do promise that if you are dissatisfied, you can stop using it. We are in no way liable for any events that are related or unrelated with your use of our site.

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